Yummy ointment

Elias finally managed to get the diaper rash cream without me noticing. He’s been trying for some time now.

When I caught him, he had white stuff smeared all around his mouth – he looked like someone caught huffing!!! Shortly after that, it was time for (attempting) the afternoon nap. About the time Jon walked in the office, Elias got very upset. Jon went in and found Elias had vomited. I figured out quickly that it had to have been the diaper ointment. I phoned our doctor’s office who told us to phone the Poison Control Center (which, btw, is 800-222-1222 in case anyone doesn’t know it). The nurse there, Marietta, told me that the greasiness of diaper rash ointments usually upset their little tummies and to give him clear liquids and keep an eye on him. She even offered to call back a little later to check on him! He threw up a few more times but, and here’s where it’s going to get gross: Once the white yucky stuff was done, he started throwing up the watered-down juice he had been drinking. That was a relief to me because I knew that the ointment was finally out of his system. A little while later, he seemed ready to eat supper and he had no problem doing so.

I guess the lesson to be learned here is that you may like the diaper ointment, but it don’t like you.

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  1. It's amazing how such little ones can figure out screw-top containers so quickly and easily! Our son has tried the same thing, while we're changing his diaper. We went to the dollar store and bought several "odd" items (neon colored dish brush, bath scrubby glove, and a couple other non-harmful things) that he could hold/look at while we change him and dress him….this really helps keep his attention and keeps him from wiggling too much sometimes. We also installed a shelf that is too high for him – where we can keep stuff like diaper paste, the Qtips, thermometer, etc. to keep him safe.Glad to hear your little one is okay! That can be a scary thing!

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