Yet we’re labeled bad parents

Okay, get this. I was reading the local rag of a paper and came across an article on the front page about the local Humane Society taking in two puppies after a three and four year old microwaved them. It seems that the police have been called out numerous times to this home for reports of child neglect or various juvenile problems. Four children live in this home, mind you. Even after all of this happened, the police were called back to the home last Tuesday, just after noon, by a caller who reported that the three and four year old were locked in a second floor room while the mother was asleep downstairs. YET DCS ACTUALLY HAD THE AUDACITY TO LABEL US AS BAD PARENTS??? Are you fucking kidding me?? It sounds as though these children need to be either removed from the home or someone needs to do some major intervening. But then, I guess when DCS is so busy going on a witch hunt for people like us, they don’t have much time left to do legitimate work, do they?