Why we all should fear Apple

I just read this article about the scariness that is Apple today and was so irked by the low-life that is Steve Jobs at Apple that I just had to link you to it. The folks at Cracked have done their homework once again. If, after you read this article, you still want anything Apple, please fill me in on your reasoning. Call it morbid curiosity, but I really want to know.

Call me crazy but, there are some ideas that bother me about Apple now. For instance that a corporation screws so badly with an employee that they go and commit suicide – hmmm, that reminds me of something…. oh, yeah, Scientology, anyone? The fact that Apple will render your iPhone a paperweight if you dare to do anything “unapproved” to it, even though you paid for the damn thing. The fact that, as a grown ass woman I should have the right to view pornography on anything that can access the internet should I so choose – apparently good old Stevie didn’t get that memo, that and he thinks that he knows what’s best for me… Come on now! This is awfully big brother-ish, isn’t it?? *shudder* Or, if that’s not enough for you, maybe the fact that they put software – even malware – on your computer without your approval when you download iTunes or the fact that they seem to think a great idea is to force you to view – and respond correctly – to ads on your iPhone or iPad or else have your device lock up until you agree to “play nice” with them. Oh, yeah, and they seem to really have an issue with the First Amendment.

I’ll stick to my crappy Microsoft products any day. I’m pretty confident that, if I were to go to my (non-Apple) smart phone right now, I could view any darn site I wanted and I’m pretty sure that, had I the geek know-how, I could even tweak it to my heart’s content. Sheesh. I never thought I’d be defending Microsoft, but wow. Just wow.

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  1. I'll bite. I still love my Mac and iPhone. Most of the "anti-consumer" stuff is just plain old smart marketing and business strategy. And the suicide? Not going to blame Steve Jobs for that. Thousands of people have committed suicide driven by the miserable and toxic environment of big companies.

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