What’s in a name?

I know I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve finally (mostly) gotten over the horrible bout of bronchitis and ickiness that knocked me down for the last month.

Not too much longer ’til the baby comes. No, we still don’t have a name. I really liked the name Seth, but now someone has convinced Jon that when you say it with his last name, it sounds as though you have a lisp. I’m not sure just how often in life someone will say his first and last name fast, but whatever. Jon is hung up on the name Calvin. I’m just not crazy about it.

For me, Seth has more meaning than does Calvin. In the Bible, Seth was Adam & Eve’s third son that, they believed, was appointed as a replacement of sorts for Abel.

Not that I feel that this baby will EVER be a replacement for Elias, but I understand – and relate – to that significance. If that makes any sense at all.

And, that’s weird coming from me because, if any of you regularly read my blog or Facebook page, you probably know that my beliefs are very up in the air right now, so choosing a name solely based on the Bible is a bit odd for me to do.

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