We’re sick!

Ugh. We’ve all – well, except for Jon, who never gets sick – come down with some sort of nastiness – some of ours is more horrible than others.

Late Wednesday night, Henry’s cough was so bad, it sounded a lot like whooping cough (pertussis) which immediately concerned us. Jon took him to the ER where they tested him for RSV (negative), pneumonia (negative), and whooping cough (also negative, I just found out this morning).

While there, Jon got Henry to eat ice – after all, hospitals have that awesome crushed ice – and drink water by showing him how to fill up the (oral) syringe and shoot it into his mouth. Not that he had been showing signs of dehydration but better to head it off before it starts. 

They also managed to dose him with ibuprofen – he refused it from me at home – and after all the water and ice, he saw an ambulance come in. The EMTs were standing around waiting on their paperwork so they could leave when one of them noticed Henry’s fascination with the ambulance – he loves loves loves emergency vehicles. The EMT asked Henry if he’d like to see it. Naturally, he did. He got to go through the ambulance. He was thrilled!

Because of the concern, they did treat him as though it were pertussis. This entailed a five day course of an antibiotic and an inhaler. Yes, an inhaler. For a two year old. After contacting our doctor’s office, they hooked me up with some nebulizer treatments and a child’s sized mask for him instead. 2013-09-19 19.47.15

Luckily, Noah and Ceili Fey’s bout mostly just consisted of a hacking cough that I’ve been treating with children’s Sambucus. Calvin seems mostly unphased by all of this. Me, on the other hand? Not so much. I’m incredibly miserable with whatever I have – which, I’m pretty sure is whatever Henry has.

Last night, we noticed a vast improvement in Henry.

I can only hope that I will have similar results after my appointment this afternoon. 🙁