Well this is awesome

While at an appointment today I learned that my blood pressure was 152/106. Nice, right?

Originally I kinda blew it off – which I was reminded I’d been doing for awhile now. I reminded her that we just passed the anniversary of Elias’ death and still had to make it through his birthday in April. I assured her I’d make an appointment the first of June.

It was also pointed out that the strange low humming noise I was experiencing could in fact be caused by the high reading.

As we were checking out, Ceili Fey remarked about how swollen my hands were. I looked at them and got a bit panicked. They called the NP back out and she thought I was having a panic attack. They sat me in a room and gave me something to help.

I also agreed to start on blood pressure meds. Why the change of heart? Because I flashed back to a couple of days ago when I actually said to myself  – possibly out loud  – “I’m going to stroke out”. No reason for it. The thought just hit me.

I told the nurse that I think the universe was conspiring to make sure I started on meds today.

I know I probably need it – so says the evidence stacked up against me – but damn. I didn’t want this.