Weekend trip to Louisville

Friday after Ceili Fey got home from school, we headed to Louisville for the weekend. Our original plans were to spend the weekend at a hotel and water park but they were having some maintenance issues so that got canceled. Luckily, my awesome husband realized how disappointed the kids would be so he booked another hotel (with a pool) for us to stay.

Saturday, after breakfast at the hotel, we headed off to the Louisville Zoo for a couple of hours. The kids had a great time. Every animal we saw, Noah would greet with “Hi, (animal name).” and “Bye, (animal name).” Very cute! Unfortunately, Elias and Ceili Fey did nothing but fight over who got to push Henry in the stroller. For awhile, Noah pushed him while they were distracted by their fighting. Oddly enough, Noah did a better job of pushing the stroller than the other two combined.

Elias “trying on” a rhino horn

After the zoo, we had lunch and then went to tour a cavern only to learn that we had missed the most recent tour by about 15 minutes. We knew that the kids wouldn’t last an hour and a half until the next one so we decided to come back for that on Sunday. Instead we drove around a bit trying to find some trains, then we stopped at a seafood restaurant. Unfortunately, once we arrived at the restaurant, and Jon mentioned having clams – Noah loves clams and all seafood – Ceili Fey decided to pull what has recently become her usual, “Ewwww! I don’t like that.” So of course, Elias and Noah decided they didn’t want to eat any either. Great. Especially since we had just got a $40 meal deal that fed six people.

Luckily, we took it with us and, after swimming, everyone polished it off.

Sunday we went to the cavern and learned that, starting in November, they decorate it with lights and let you take a drive through. We’re going to try to reschedule that hotel water park to coincide with the lights. I’m super excited about that and I know the kids will love it, too.