We know you’re the mom, already

By now, most of you have read the blog entry where the blogger discusses this sign.

My initial, knee jerk reaction was no way in hell! The more I read of her blog and the more I think about it, I’m not so sure. I still don’t believe that such a thing should ever be mandatory – parental rights, anyone? – but I don’t find a kinder, gentler, voluntary process a-okay here.

In the blogger’s case, her daughter is 17. To most of the country, 17 is nearly grown, although, it seems that this mom doesn’t agree. Her attitude more implies ownership of her child(ren) than parentage of them. Perhaps it’s parents like this that the doctor’s office seeks to protect children from. Perhaps that’s why she’s so angry about it all.

Let’s face facts here. Something that I’m betting the mom in question is loathe to do. Most 17 year old (straight) girls have usually had a boyfriend or two. At 17, those boyfriends may be a bit more serious than we’d like them to be. Something they may not want to admit to us.

While I – and most attentive, caring, loving parents – would LOVE to think that kids will come to mom and/or dad with ANYTHING, I, for one, am not living in a dreamworld. I’m fully aware that kids keep things from their parents. All. The. Time.

Perhaps this might sound a bit odd, but I would actually hope that our TRUSTED family care provider that we’ve seen for pretty much my kids’ entire lives would question our kids around that age to make sure that everything is okay, that there’s no abuse going on in their current or previous relationships, etc.

Although, we found out in this case from the mother’s follow up post that it was apparently the case of some overzealous office persons that didn’t have much of a clue.

Let me be very clear about something. I don’t believe such a thing should be mandatory.  I just think it a very good idea for a trusted caregiver to speak in private with kids to be sure there isn’t something mom or dad should know but don’t. And, truly, if you don’t trust your caregiver to do something like that, perhaps you should find a new one.