Ultrasound makes baby cry

I just saw this video on Discovery’s website that shows a baby, in utero, actually crying when the ultrasound is introduced. Sorry, I don’t know how to embed it here since there was no code that I could find for it. But definitely go watch it. I had always suspected that ultrasounds were not as harmless as people try to make them out to be based on my own personal experience, but this really reinforces it for me.

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  1. That's kind of strange. I wonder if it's just the pressure of the wand that bothers them? I know for my own pregnancy, I watched while my daughter was being sonogramed and she did not look one bit distressed by the procedure. She sucked her thumb, rolled around and looked very peaceful.For the most part, this is an extremely important test to detect problems that the mother wouldn't otherwise know about or be able to correct.My opinion, the test is well worth it! Without it, I would have had to rely on a botched Amnio test that INCORRECTLY indicated that my daughter was terribly deformed. Her ultra sound was perfect so we went with it instead. Otherwise, she might very well have been aborted.Thanks to ultrasound, tragedy averted and I have my little girl!

  2. I believe it's the sound that is emitted that bothers them. I know when I was pregnant with Elias, they just kept wanting ultrasound after ultrasound – no reason, other than their crazy fear that he was going to be some big 12 lb baby which he was nowhere near – he made it clear that he hated it. Those and the NSTs. He made it clear he wanted far away from them. I could tell from the panicky movement that he did not like it, I just didn't have the courage to say "ENOUGH!" to the doctors. Actually, many women go their entire pregnancies without any ultrasound testing at all. It is not truly the necessity we have been made to believe, unless there is a reason to suspect something. Honestly? I have never had a single amnio for any of my pregnancies. To me, the risks far outweighed any reason and there are many cases – including your own example – in which they are incorrect. No, I'd much rather go with my gut any day. I've found it to be far more accurate than any test. When you learn to trust yourself, you truly do know more about your body and what's growing inside you than any doctor ever could.

  3. Btw, I am glad to hear that your baby was healthy. I'm curious, did your gut tell you the amnio was wrong? Were you looking to confirm the amnio before aborting?

  4. It's a long story. Basically, I was 44 when I got pregnant so the amnio was an important test that I thought would be accurate. It came back that the baby had an extra chromosome 14 that would result in her being terribly deformed and most likely mentally challenged. I knew from previous ultrasounds that they showed a perfectly normal developing fetus. At the time I received the results for the amnio, it was too late to redo that test or confirm it one way or the other as time for terminating the pregnancy was running out not to mention we were leaving the country for 3 months within a couple of weeks. Dreadful time for us. I went with the Ultrasound because the amnio did not make sense. Until our daughter was born, I had no idea whether she was okay or not. She just turned four and is a typical thriving little girl. No indication that any part of the amnio was accurate. The only explanation the medical community was able to offer is that the dishes in the lab that house the growing cells must have become contaminated. This explanation would not have been sufficient had we aborted a perfect fetus. Thankfully, I used common sense when deciding to continue the pregnancy. Others might not have. Lesson learned on amnio which up until then I thought was fool proof or I would not have bothered with it at all.

  5. MNM, that must have been heart-wrenching for you not knowing what to believe. I'm so glad that your amnio was wrong.

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