5 thoughts on “Two weeks”

  1. Big hug for you. Yes, I know – the pain is beyond anything you imagined. Yet, it is survivable, and you will survive. Just concentrate on getting through the days – moment by moment if necessary. One foot in front of another and remember to breathe.It won't always be so horribly raw, I promise.

  2. My heart continues to go out to you & your family. I know that this has to be the hardest experience you will ever experience. But with God on your side you will be okay and your pain will subside. Re your post about your husband, I'm sure he is hurting too and is just trying to be strong for his family. Remind him that it's okay to cry too. Maybe look into a good grief book for couples about losing a child? Your son is with God now and not in any pain. One day you all will be reunited.XXVeronica

  3. Thinking of you daily. Wishing, hoping there was some way to fix this, make it better, make it all go away. Then praying for some way to help, to move forward. I admire that you are reaching out to others, that you are getting up each day and placing one foot in front of the other and that you continue to be a wonderful mother to your children.

  4. I remember those feelings all to well.. it will pass, and you will be able to function. You didn't do anything wrong that morning, it took me over 2 years to actually believe this for myself. A week from today will be 5 years since my son passed away in his sleep, and I also woke up to him gone. I think about you daily and wish you never had to experience this pain. Feel free to get a hold of me if you want someone to talk to.

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