TV Show: Ghost Adventures

I know it’s kind of silly but I’ve recently become enamoured with the Travel Channel show “Ghost Adventures“. Basically, these three guys go into “haunted” places with the cameras, voice recorders, and various other electronic devices and try to record proof of ghostly activity. Honestly, the lead guy, Zak Bagans, is a bit of what Jon refers to as a douchebag. So much so that, on the occasions that Zak has gotten hurt, you almost cheer for the ghosts. The other two guys, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin, aren’t too bad. They’re much more likable. I realize that their main goal in the show is to taunt any ghosties that may be around in an effort to provoke them into doing something, but it just seems that Zak goes a bit overboard.

In any case, I like the show. It’s entertaining and sometimes a bit creepy. I think Jon is getting tired of watching it though so I’m sure he’ll be quite happy when I move on to something else.

Give it a watch sometime.

2 thoughts on “TV Show: Ghost Adventures”

  1. I am a huge Ghost Adventures fan too! I love anything paranormal, and I enjoy this show more than the other 'ghost hunting' ones out there. Its amusing to hear "Dude! I think I heard something!" every few minutes, and sometimes I actually get creeped out by the show.

  2. a wallflower mom, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I think the "Dude! I think I heard something!" is funny, too – much better than the annoying screams of the women on that other show that's similar… Most Haunted, I think it's called?

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