Total solidarity with this mama

First and foremost, I am so grateful that my husband is so secure in his own masculinity that things our kids do don’t faze him. Not when Noah decided to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween last year, not when he asks his big sister to paint his nails… none of it. Because he is smart enough to know that none of that means anything. And, if that’s not enough perspective, try having a child die and then see if you really truly give a shit if your little boy paints his nails.

I just finished a blog article by a mom who had a horrible experience with a crazy guy in Walmart who seemed to take some kind of crazy offense to her two year old son’s pink headband which, for the record, Noah would have loved.

With no notice, the man stepped forward, grabbed the headband off of Dexter’s head and threw it to the bottom of our shopping cart. He then cuffed Dexter around the side of his head (not hard, but that is not the point) and said with a big laugh, “You’ll thank me later, little man!”

At the same time as I stepped forward, Dexter grabbed his head where the man had smacked him and threw his other hand forward, stomping his foot and shouting, “NO!” I got between my son and this man and said very firmly, “If you touch my son again, I will cut your damn hands off.”

The guy snarled at me, looked at Dexter with disgust and said, “Your son is a fucking faggot.” He then started sauntering out, but not before he threw over his shoulder, “He’ll get shot for it one day.”

I stood there, shaking, fists clenched, waiting for the man to disappear out the door, and then I fell apart. I was shaking so hard, holding back tears and comforting Dexter.

Not a single person said or did anything. There were several people who had witnessed the encounter, but not one of them came over to offer support or console me or my son.

Let me repeat to you: Dexter is TWO YEARS OLD.

I was there with a two year old and a five month old baby, and my kid had been verbally and physically assaulted by a man. And no one did a thing.

I just cannot fathom anyone behaving this way to anyone, especially a child! Likewise, I cannot believe that others stood by, watching this, and DID NOTHING!!

A two year old HAS no sexuality.

To think you can “teach” a child to be a certain way is unbelievable. Even if being gay is a lifestyle choice (which I don’t believe for a second), it is not a choice that a toddler can ever make. And much like little girls can play baseball or enjoy monster trucks, little boys can and do play dress up with mommy’s clothes, accessories, makeup, etc. Everything is new and exciting to a kid, and they learn by trying new things.

This says it all.

I read this article and cried for this mama. After all, Noah’s favorite color is pink. He loves playing dress up. He also likes playing trucks. He’s a kid, experiencing all that the world has to offer. There is NOTHING wrong with that or him. I cannot emphasize this enough: There is NOTHING wrong with him. And if you think you’re going to tell me – or him – otherwise, you can consider yourself no longer existing in my/our world. I really don’t give a shit if you are family or friend. Period.

And if you try to physically do something to my child? May God have mercy on your soul. You know I won’t.

Get it? Got it? Good.