This whole Bergdahl mess

I’m not going to lie. The more I see and hear about this Bowe Bergdahl and his father, Robert, the more bizarre things seem. Take a look at this tweet by the father:

It’s since been taken down, but not before screengrabs were done. I naturally wanted to know who @ABalkhi is. I discovered that Twitter account purports to be the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

I admit, I’m pretty upset about the children that have died – ESPECIALLY those who have died as a result of President Obama’s love affair with drones. Drones that, yanno, don’t have the ability to know if they’re about to blow up a school or a group of children… the reason that wars should be fought on the ground, rather than in some building thousands of miles away with some computer geek at the helm. But, even as pissed off as that makes me, I cannot fathom stating things the way Bergdahl’s father did. And, how does he plan to free all Guantanamo prisoners? How would he even have that kind of power? Is he suggesting that he has a backdoor here? Again, this just makes no sense.

Maybe he’s just been a grieving father who’s pissed off about the war and his son’s capture. I hope that’s the true explanation. Grief makes us do funny things. But, there’s just something not right about this whole situation. Not even including the fact that we released 5 imprisoned operatives to their 1. And the fact that Congress was not informed ahead of time which, I was under the impression is mandatory. Yanno, unless pesky things like laws and rules just don’t apply to you.

There is much hubbub about Bergdahl leaving willingly, based on first-hand accounts. That in itself is odd. But, maybe he just lost it mentally and couldn’t take anymore so he just left. He wouldn’t be the first to have this happen, as evidence by  U.S. Army Sergeant Charles Robert Jenkins. I hear war makes people do crazy, crazy things. I sincerely hope that’s the case with Bergdahl. Tragically, there were an additional six American lives lost in the search for Bergdahl. Yet, the New York Times is now calling that into question. What’s going on here??

Villagers are claiming that Bergdahl went looking for the Taliban, even though they tried to discourage him. They thought he must be high because, why else would an American want to find the Taliban? I’m sure there will be many who claim that the Afghan villagers are not reliable. Yet, they’re deemed reliable enough when they claim our soldiers have done something wrong. Poor and uneducated does not necessarily make them liars.

And then I watch this video, and I wonder what’s really going on here.

From a parental standpoint, that video is just heartbreaking.

Maybe it really is as straight-forward as a man who was captured and, five years later, released. I genuinely hope so.