Then again, maybe not…

Out of sheer desperation, I went to Great Clips yesterday. I normally go to a salon that’s considerably more upscale but it had been several months since I had anything done and I was desperate to get rid of some of my hair. I’m reminded of why I don’t like to go to cheaper places. Not much I can do, however, except just wait for it to grow out so I can go elsewhere. *sigh*

Whilst waiting for my turn, someone came in after. I knew him immediately. I knew his voice before anything. It was my ex’s brother, J. I had Ceili Fey there with me. I wasn’t sure if he would say anything to me or not. I didn’t know what to do. Should I say something? Should I immediately leave? Should I just pretend he’s not there??

I did nothing. So did he. I don’t know if J actually noticed us or not. If he did, I did not notice him watching Ceili Fey – surely had he noticed us, he would have wanted to see his bio niece that he has not seen in three or four years now. Wouldn’t he? But then again, maybe not. Their mother, L, never seemed to have no cause for concern about her only bio granddaughter either T signed the papers waiving his parental rights and agreeing that my husband should adopt Ceili Fey.

How does that not bug a person? I just don’t get it. And, honestly, had L and/or J kept in touch, I would have had no problem letting them see Ceili Fey from time to time. It would not have bothered me because I think you can never have too much family. It just seems crazy to not want anything to do with your own niece/granddaughter/daughter. At least, it seems crazy to me.

It’s also entirely possible that if J noticed me he felt awkward because the last interaction we had, it was one in which he went off on me for not letting his brother see her, and what a good guy his brother was, etc. etc. to which I informed him that he was very incorrect, that his brother rarely wanted to visit with her, he did not pay support, etc. etc. So I suppose that he could have been over that little row. Then again, maybe not. I’ll never know.

2 thoughts on “Then again, maybe not…”

  1. T, and all his family, should feel like shit for what he did to you, for the kind of father — if you can even call him that — that he was to Ceili Fey. If he didn't say anything to you it's probably because he realizes his brother is the douche bag by which all douche bags are measured and he was ashamed of himself and his family. And even if that wasn't the case, that's the way you should think about it.

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