The thrill is gone… somewhat

I know I’ve been a bit sporadic at writing lately. I try, it’s just that sometimes it takes more of an effort than it should and since I think this should be fun, when it’s not, I don’t do it. I’ve had a lot going on.

Thursday was pretty hectic. Right after school let out, Ceili Fey went to Daisy Scouts. From there, she and I grabbed a quick supper (McDonald’s – her choice) and then off to t-ball practice. After t-ball ended, I tried to start the car only to realize that I had completely drained the battery. I had my computer plugged into the van as I worked on it, then when I was done, I still left it plugged in. I should have started the car and let it run that way but I just didn’t think about it. Fortunately, another of the moms was still there and we tried to jump it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get it to work. Fortunately, her father lived close by and came and helped us to get it.

Once we got headed toward home, I remembered that I was supposed to run to the grocery because Ceili Fey needed a sack lunch for the field trip to the zoo on Friday. Grrrr. I pretty much dropped her off at home and ran to the grocery.

Oh, yeah, and did I mention that my mother was admitted to hospital for a few days? That sucked. 

I really didn’t have a lot of down time at all. In fact, that’s what most of this week has felt like. Not much down time. Which is probably why I haven’t felt much like writing anything.

At the office not only am I doing the books – which I am learning as I go because I know nothing about bookkeeping – but now I’m also doing HR. We’re working on getting health insurance for the company. I’m really new to this. I’ve done office stuff before, but I was always some specialized something. Never before have I played HR person-bookkeeper-secretary all rolled into one. I am seriously in need of some help.

I will keep writing. That’s a definite. I just think that trying to do an entry every single day might be a bit unrealistic right now. I think every 2-3 days feels about right, right now. I hope all of my readers will understand.

And now, I leave you with Batbug.

2 thoughts on “The thrill is gone… somewhat”

  1. Your definitely not alone. I too have not blogged everyday for about a month now and its not because I no longer love to blog but life happens and I understand you fully and I'll stick with you :)Much Luv,Karen

  2. Hey..some days are better than others for all of us! šŸ™‚ I know depending on what's going on with me, depends on how much time I can devote to my blogs. "Real life" always comes first…and it should. Hope your mom is home now and doing better!!

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