The poor kiddos

Henry was feeling kinda crappy for a couple of days with the sinus crap, most likely due to the ever-changing Indiana weather, although he seems to be back to his old self – feisty as ever.

Calvin also was affected by the weather, although the poor little guy seems to have gotten a double whammy. As if the sinus crap wasn’t bad enough, he’s also teething.

Noah has been extra whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny as of late.

The homework struggles with Ceili Fey have become extremely tiring – we’re not sure if it’s a comprehension problem, a not-wanting-to-follow-instructions problem, or a stubborn problem.

And now, much do our kids’ – and yes, ours, too – detriment, the TV in our living room seems to have finally gone kaput. And, budget-wise, a TV is just not happening right now.

Ugh. We really just need a break.