The pink shorts

We have had a hard time keeping diapers on Elias lately, especially at night. He just strips them right off whenever he feels like it. As a result, we’ve had to ensure that he has either the footie pajamas or shorts or pants on when he goes to bed. Last night, Jon couldn’t find anything to put him in at bedtime so he rummaged through a box of clothes that Ceili Fey has outgrown to find a pair of pink shorts. He put them on Elias and put him to bed.

This morning, after I changed Elias, I was going to look for some shorts or pants for him to wear. Next thing I know, he grabs the shorts that I’ve placed on the chair behind where I was sitting on the floor, shoves them at me, and babbles insistently until I put them back on him.

It amused me greatly.