Thankful Thursday

Even though we’ve been completely miserable with Calvin being sick and teething; even though we’re completely exhausted because Calvin isn’t sleeping well at night; even with all that, I’m thankful that Calvin is alive.

Even with all of the (damn near nightly) homework battles, I’m glad that Ceili Fey is alive.

Even though the whining is frequently enough to make us pull our hair out, I’m thankful that Noah is alive.

Even though he mostly is non-verbal – especially in front of other people – and super frustrating as a result, I’m thankful Henry is alive.

Yes, I know I complain about the kids – sometimes I do this a lot – but I’m so thankful that we still have them. Elias’ death was the hardest thing to ever go through as a parent. I could not fathom losing another one.

There are days that, in between yelling at them for doing whatever they’re not supposed to be doing, I take that second to breathe a sigh of relief that they’re alive to yell at. And, it’s because of this, I hug them extra tight at bedtime. Sometimes multiple times.