Tell Me About It Tuesday

So far, my day is pretty crappy. No pun intended.

I woke up to both Ceili Fey and Noah in bed with me, counting via whisper every time the lighting would strike. Ugh. All I wanted was a few more minutes of sleep!!

Next, Ceili Fey went to get Henry out of the top bunk. I am terrified when I hear her panicky screams for me to come to the room. I was so sure I was going to find Henry dead. I tell you, once you find one of your children dead, that becomes the all-consuming thought in your brain from that time on. As it turned out, Ceili Fey had fallen down the steps from the top bunk and hurt her leg. Luckily nothing was injured, but it sure set things up for the rest of the day.

Henry has had horrible diarrhea – it’s actually coming out his diapers – all the kids have done is fight, my niece, who was supposed to fill in for our nanny today, informed me via text that she had a “MAJOR headache” and would not be in until later. At that point, I knew it would be pointless so I told her to not worry about coming in at all. I’ve pretty well been run ragged all day, trying to do things at home, plus take care of office things FROM HOME. Ugh. I’ve had enough for one day.

Next we are leaving to have supper at Red Lobster – Noah’s favorite place to eat – with Jon’s parents where they will be taking Ceili Fey to spend the night so that they can make some adjustments on Ceili Fey’s  too-big Halloween costume. Noah assumed he would be going along for that overnight. I felt so bad, I totally crushed him when I told him it was just Ceili Fey, that he would get to go the next time.

I keep hoping that the day will improve, but so far, no good. Let’s hope the improve vastly this evening!

How is your day going??

2 thoughts on “Tell Me About It Tuesday”

  1. It did get better that evening… it was just such a loooonng day overall.

    Hope your little ones are better!

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