Autopsy results

I sat down and actually read the autopsy today. That’s some reading material that no mama should ever have to read. It’s just so not right. Or fair.

I knew the results before today. I had the coroner give me the paraphrased version of the results, including the cause of death (acute pneumonia due to RSV). I just hadn’t actually read it before… I couldn’t bring myself to. But today, today I am angry. I am angry because I believe that there is some sort of environmental cause for Elias’ death and I believe that the powers-that-be in the town of Whitestown know – or at the very least, suspect – something is wrong.

I just wish we knew why his cadmium and chromium levels were so high. There’s just no satisfactory explanation at all. Even more troubling is the fact that a nearby family tested positive for large doses of metals in their system. This should not be in a new housing addition. So what gives here? And why will no one help us find answers??