I’ve been pwned

While checking my email this morning, I received an email from Have I Been Pwned? letting me know that my Netflix sign in and password had been included in a data dump online. I then had to spend a few minutes on the phone with Netflix getting everything straightened out – since by that point my Netflix email and password had been changed and I was no longer able to access it. Apparently it was some asshole in Italy and he wasted no time at all wiping my info as well as our kids’ profiles off of the account.


He also opted to upgrade the account so that he was able to view on four screens instead of the measly two I had set up. But, he kindly left my credit card intact because it seems he thought I should continue to pay for it.

I’m pretty sure the guy didn’t expect me to catch it that quickly and I would not have, if it weren’t for the notification from Have I Been Pwned? this morning. I strongly recommend that you check your email addresses, usernames, and passwords on Have I Been Pwned? and then sign up for their email notifications. Note: Once you verify your email address, you’ll only be contacted by the site if your email addy has been found somewhere.

ETA: Pretty sure this is him. If you’re going to do something like this, shouldn’t you not use your real name as it makes it sooooo much easier to find you???? Just sayin’.

I’m pretty sure he’s a kid. If I knew for sure if any of his FB friends were his parents, I’d clue them in.