Sunday in the park with George

Sunday we went to Lafayette; the kids love to spend time with Papa George (my father) and Connie.

I really love Lafayette; I miss it a lot. There are so many parks and playgrounds around, unlike in our small town. We all went to Hanna Park for a little bit. They have such unusual equipment now, completely different from when I went there as a kid. This time, it was so cold that we wound up giving up and going to Chick-Fil-A to let the kids finish running off their energy. We wound up cutting it early because Elias, who is potty learning, had an accident and made such a mess of himself, he had to go home and get a bath. Luckily, after the playing, the ride home, and the bath, they were all exhausted and went to bed pretty easily.

Noah would not go down a slide any other way

Elias called these “bugs”; he loved riding them
Ceili Fey initially got stuck on this thing as it spun her around
She eventually got the hang of it
Ceili Fey found some sidewalk chalk
Does this not look like the coolest swing?

2 thoughts on “Sunday in the park with George”

  1. I LOVED Hanna Center as a kid! That rolling slide thing was the best – I would spend hours picking out all the rocks so each one would roll when I went down the slide. I guess I've always been a little OCD though…I'm sure you've seen Columbian Park since they took out the old pool, right? We love that one, though with multiple kids, it's probably best to have multiple adults.

  2. Yes! That slide was the greatest. I was a little disappointed to see it gone, but they've got plenty of other interesting and unique things that it sorta made up for it. Besides, I probably couldn't have resisted the urge to go down it once or twice. 😉 I have driven by Columbian Park but haven't actually gone there. I noticed that they ruined the slides by attaching crap to them so no one can go down… that one sorta blew my mind. I guess because of that, I never bothered to go back.

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