Strange things

We have some strange things going on in the office. We have a door chime that goes off when the door opens (not the strange part) and, frequently when it doesn’t open. This is super frustrating when you’re in the back because you have no idea if someone just came in or if it’s the “ghost doorbell”, as Jon has dubbed it. Yes, the batteries have been replaced. It still does it.

The other day, when our niece was the only one in the office, she was startled to hear a Christmas song being played. She asked me later if we had anything in the office that would play Christmas music. I figured out that it was the door chime, even though it’s not set to play anything but a doorbell sound.

When I shared that with Jon, he told me about a few days prior in which his dad came in to do some work and the door chime kept going off right about every minute. Then, later, after his dad left and Jon had settled into a good work pace on the computer, the door chime started going off every few minutes. He finally got frustrated at being disturbed so many times and said, “Bow, knock it off. I’m trying to get some work done” and it stopped.

Jon noticed that the door chime is most active when Henry and Noah go down for nap most days. He’s also noticed Noah having whole conversations when there’s no one else around.

Is there anything to it? I honestly know what to think. I’d like to think that Elias is still around, but at the same time, it feels silly to hope/think such a thing. I’ve not seen anything to convince me completely. It is a nice thought, though.

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