Some new developments

It’s been awhile, I know. I’ve had some things going on and I knew I needed to steer clear of my blog or I’d divulge everything. 

We’re going to have a new little one around 29, November. A bit unexpected as I had experienced some hot flashes so I kinda thought we didn’t have a whole lot to worry about. 

My blood pressure has been a bit of a concern, especially with being pregnant. Additionally, when I went to see our NP yesterday, she was concerned about my pulse rate and she thought she might have heard a murmur but wasn’t positive. 

In any case I now have an appointment with a cardiologist in August. 

When you factor in the congestive heart failure of my father that he doesn’t seem to know a dann thing about, my maternal grandmother’s heart issues that I don’t know enough about, and the fact that my mother’s brother has had heart issues, I’m more than a little freaked out right now. 

I don’t know what to do. Should I start exercising vigorously? Should I take it super easy? Should I stop eating meat? I have no idea what to do here and the stress of waiting until August isn’t exactly doing me any favors. 

So there’s that. 
Also, if I’m being completely honest, I’ve secretly suspected something may be wrong for awhile now. I just haven’t wanted to admit it out loud. 

Kind of funny. Some guy warned Jon and I both to be careful with each other because people can and do die of broken hearts. Maybe there’s something to it. Heh.