This morning I went to get some socks from my sock drawer and grabbed a pair of solid navy socks. I didn’t remember them but grabbed them anyway. When I unrolled them, I realized that they were Elias’ socks that he loved so much. They had Lightning McQueen on one foot and, I think, Sally, on the other – whether it was Sally or not, he called it that. She was one of his favorite characters.

I miss him so.

2 thoughts on “Socks”

  1. being blind-sided is the worst, isn't it? i mean, i expect to think of my son at certain times (when i walk thru certain sections of the grocery store, when i fix his favorite foods, when i see his picture) but when something comes at me from left field, like you finding Elias' sockies, it throws me for a loop! you continue to be in my prayers! i'm so sorry you have to walk this path!

  2. The previous post was you expressing it being a rough day… a few days later, you find his favorite socks unexpectedly. I think the socks were a gift.

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