So much for a lazy Sunday…

Sunday morning Jon and I were lazing in bed for awhile. I fed Henry and we weren’t in a big hurry to get up. Ceili Fey asked us if she could get her brothers out of their room and I said sure. They went and played together for awhile, or so I thought, until Ceili Fey told us that Elias and Noah had an egg fight. We ran downstairs to see what was going on. There were eggs in a decorative bowl on one of the steps. We passed it and continued down and to the front room. There we were met with a horrible sight. Eggs were broken and on the carpet. Maple syrup had been poured on the floor, the furniture and the coffee table. Juice had been poured out. Pretzels had been dumped out. Water had even been added to the mix. I honestly wish we had photographed it because I know my description cannot do it justice. The place was a disaster!

I was angry and irritated but Jon was positively livid. We set to work cleaning the egg mess and syrup out of the carpet doing the best we could with cloths and hot, soapy water. Following that, Jon decided we were all going to completely clean the downstairs. He worked us for the next four hours, stopping only for lunch. Everyone was pretty well exhausted. After the downstairs was cleaned, everyone had quiet time, then we went to supper – the “bumfet” (buffet) as Elias calls it – followed by the park.

At the park, the kids had a great time, like usual. They met a cute puppy named Max. Max and Noah seemed to be enamored with each other. This is unusual because Noah is terrified of anything other than a few cats. After speaking with the owners, we learned that they had been evicted and their new apartment would not allow dogs and they were trying to find a new home for Max.

After some discussion, Jon and I opted to take Max home with us, thereby delighting Noah, Elias and Ceili Fey.

SO now we have a new dog and I realized I have no idea on potty training a puppy.

Our next goal is to get a fence so that, at some point, we can bring Sadie home from Jon’s parents’ house and the two dogs – and the kids – can have the run of the backyard.

All in all, it was a pretty eventful weekend.

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