SnuggyBaby slings

I recently had the good fortune of having a dialogue with Jo, the creator of SnuggyBaby slings. She’s located here in Indiana and I’m all about helping small – especially local – businesses.

SnuggyBaby slings are great for use from infant…

on up to toddler.


Jo makes many different fashionable slings as well as wet bags and children’s doll slings!Aren’t these simply adorable?

On her site she explains why babywearing (and a SnuggyBaby sling) is good for baby and good for you:

  • Snuggy Baby slings allow you to safely carry your baby without using your hands. This leaves you free to accomplish other tasks like caring for siblings, eating, doing chores
  • Snuggy Baby slings are small and portable. They fold up and easily fit inside your diaper bag so it is much easier to transport your baby without lugging around a cumbersome stroller.
  • Snuggy Baby slings provide the perfect camouflage for mothers to breastfeed discretely.  No one can tell if the baby is nursing or sleeping.  The sling also cradles the baby in position, so once he is latched on, you can move around and continue to nurse.
  • Slinging your baby helps relieve post partum depression.  Keeping your baby physically close to your body helps increase progesterone levels in the mother.   This helps alleviate the symptoms of post partum depression.  It is also a great way to bond with your baby and provide your baby with the physical closeness that he needs when you may not feel like cuddling.
  • Snuggy Baby slings are completely adjustable.  This makes it easy to have a custom fit for any body type, so the same sling can be worn by multiple care givers.
  • Keep your baby clean and keep him from putting dirt and grass in his mouth by unfolding your sling and using it like a blanket for your baby to play on.  Since you already have your sling in your diaper bag, there is no reason to pack an extra blanket to lay on the ground.
  • Studies show that sling babies cry 40% less than babies who are not carried.  Babies who are held more are less fussy and cry less.  Once your baby is in the sling, your hands are free so you are less likely to put your baby down because you need to do something or because your arms are tired. 
  • Sling babies are more likely to sleep.  Riding around in your Snuggy Baby sling, will remind your baby of being in the womb, a familiar and comfortable place.  Your baby will be rocked to sleep by the familiar rhythms of your body.   
  • Carrying your baby in a vertical position (like the hip carry, Kangaroo Carry, or Snuggle Hold) aids in baby’s digestions which leads to less spitting up and a more comfortable baby.
  • Sling babies spend their time interacting at eye level instead of from the ground.  They have an excellent view of adults faces and learn to pick up on social cues more easily.  

Jo has an Etsy shop as well as her SnuggyBaby website/store. She has given me a discount code (ourcrazyhouse) to share with my readers to get 10% off their purchase at SnuggyBaby (note: this code is for, not her Etsy shop although you’re certainly welcome to shop there, too) and can be used any number of times on up ’til June 15th.