sick husbands suck

Jon’s sick, sort of, and he’s been sick for most of this week. He’s a real pain in the ass, but not how you’d think. He’s not all whiny or complaining like most men when they get sick. No, he’s just an asshole.

Take this, for instance. We got the kids put in bed and I came back downstairs to play on the laptop and watch TV. I was waiting for something halfway decent to come on, debating on maybe watching a movie. Well, before I know it, he comes downstairs and sits down. I asked him what he wanted to watch. I started scrolling through the guide, but he sees nothing. I ask if he wants to watch a movie, he doesn’t know. I scroll through the movies, even suggesting a couple that I wanted to see. Next thing I know, he’s all pissy and doesn’t want to watch a movie. So, now I’m sitting here trying to will him to go back upstairs, and the TV is stuck on the Comedy Channel where it was left, and we’re watching Office Space, only it’s all censored and stupid.

Ugh. Just go back upstairs. Go to bed already!!!!