Scam alert

I was recently told about Vindale Research – there’s a reason I’m not linking you to them, you’ll learn it in a moment – which claims to be looking for qualified individuals to evaluate products and services and take surveys and be paid for doing so. I got the info from another blogger. Sounds good, right? Well, every time I go to visit the site to take my “surveys,” I am bugged by this program I downloaded called Web of Trust. It keeps telling me that this is a bad site, more or less. Finally today I decided to go and investigate more. I went to see what Web of Trust had to say about Vindale Research. Wow. Apparently it’s a big scam, hardly anybody gets paid, and they try to rook you for money. Read more detail here.

Now let me make very clear the fact that I do not get paid or receive any sort of commission from Web of Trust (WOT). I just really, really like them.

WOT also filled me in about the site that seems to have lots of bad mojo working. Read more here. Scary stuff!

I haven’t had WOT installed all that long, but I’m starting to like them. Basically, as soon as I visit a site that they deem “unsafe,” a message pops up telling me of risk and asking me if I want to go there anyway. I strongly recommend trying this at home.

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  1. This is a great testimonial to WOT, and we appreciate you sharing with your readers. What’s useful about WOT is that real people are sharing their experiences and interactions with a site, so you can find out how much others trust the site before you visit. And if you had a different experience, you can share that too. The more input we receive, the more reliable the ratings.Safe surfing, Deborah

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