Review: Thirsties Pre-Wash and Bio Kleen Bac-Out

I’ve been having some issue with diapers not always smelling as clean as I would like. I tried stripping them but it still didn’t seem to make that much difference. I’ve also noticed that if I continue using the same detergent for too long, the diapers don’t seem to get as clean. After surfing around on Amazon the other day, I happened upon Thirsties Pre-Wash and ordered it. I actually used twice the amount recommended as we have very hard water. I was very uncertain that it would work well because the directions said to use cold water and then to follow it up with a regular hot cycle. Of course the bottle recommends using Thirsties detergent but I didn’t have any. I had ordered a box of Country Save so I used it instead.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that, when I sniffed some of the diapers, they actually smelled clean! I was naturally very happy about this.

I also ordered a bottle of Bio Kleen Bac-Out. It says it can be used on cloth diapers, pet messes, etc. Having a new puppy, you can believe we have a lot of pet messes right now. I’ve used it on several places and it seems to do a fantastic job. I also found that it comes in carpet and rug solution – I’m pretty sure I’ll try some of that soon!

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