Review – Seventh Generation Healthy Home Starter Kit

I finally got a chance to try the Seventh Generation Healthy Home Starter Kit. I was really excited.

I first tried the Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Emerald Cypress & Fir) in our washroom downstairs. The smell was very mild and not at all unpleasant. Definitely a good thing.

Now admittedly, I was a bit of a skeptic since we have very hard water and… well, other problems with our water as well. For some reason, our water seems to be a breeding ground for mold. Disgusting. Black. Mold. So, please understand my skepticism because we have yet to find a toilet bowl cleaner that truly does an adequate job.

I let it sit for a few minutes and when I came back to scrub, the cleaner did a fantastic job. It even managed to remove a yucky stain that I didn’t think would ever come off. I was pleasantly surprised with my overall experience.

I also used the Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner (Free & Clear) on the washroom mirror and was delighted to see no streaks! I know – It takes so little to amuse me, doesn’t it? .

I used the Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner (Lemongrass & Thyme Scent) in the kitchen on the counter-tops and stove. It did a good job with no streaks. It also kills 99.99% of germs botanically.

Next I moved on to the upstairs bathroom. The Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner (Lemongrass & Thyme Scent) did a great job on the counter and sinks. It’s also foamy, which I like. I’m not sure that foaminess really makes a difference on cleaning ability, but I like it anyway. Additionally, I really like that it kills 99.99% of germs botanically. I could definitely smell the thyme, but again, not overpowering.

Our mirror was pretty gross and needed something a bit stronger so I started off by wiping the gross parts – and then went ahead and wiped all of it – down with the Natural All Purpose Cleaner (Free & Clear). I didn’t notice a smell on that so it either didn’t have one of was very mild. Honestly, I think that the All Purpose Cleaner would have been just fine as there were no streaks, but I went ahead and went over the mirror again with the Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner just because I could.

The Natural Tub & Tile Cleaner did (Emerald Cypress & Fir)  a fantabulous job on the garden tub. It removed the soap grime and I didn’t even really have to scrub all that hard. The scent of emerald cypress and fir was not unpleasant, either. Mostly, I just like that I didn’t have to work too hard to get the big tub clean.

The Disinfecting Wipes (Lemongrass & Thyme Scent) are great for quick cleanups. I think they’ll be great to get my daughter – and eventually the little guys – to help out because I won’t have to worry about too much being sprayed, spilling or anything else. Yay!!

Our shower was really pretty disgusting. Our hard water leaves really ugly stains and mineral deposits. Pair that with the soap scum and you’ve got a pretty nasty combination. I started off by using the Tub & Tile Cleaner, letting it sit before scrubbing. Finally, I rinsed that off and sprayed the Natural Shower Cleaner (Green Mandarin & Leaf). I scrubbed a bit to see what would happen. I’m not sure if it’s the hydrogen peroxide in it or just what, but I was actually starting to see a difference on that orangey-pink color that stains most of our shower.

I am extremely pleased with these cleaners. The smells of the cleaners were pleasant and mild and not at all overpowering like so many cleaners. I also noticed that I didn’t have the burning in my lungs that I so often get after a bout with bathroom cleaners. Another plus!

I would strongly recommend Seventh Generation cleaners and will most likely buy them from here on out.

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