Review: Disney, Jr tour

Today we went to the Disney, Jr show in Fort Wayne. Noah was the biggest part of the reason why. He is crazy about Sophia the First, which wound up being the entire first half of the show.


Next came Jake and the Neverland Pirates.


Suddenly, Henry came to life. We had no idea just how much he liked Jake.


He was super attentive, clapping, and so very excited.

Even Ceili Fey enjoyed the show. It was fun, maybe not as much as Toy Story on ice we went to a few years ago, but since this was really geared toward the toddler and preschool audience, it was pretty impressive that none of the rest of us were bored to tears.

The most disappointing part was the fact that the only drink option was a $11 snow cone. Yes, the souvenir cups were adorable but, c’mon, $12? Hey, Disney, we have a large family. For the kids alone that would’ve run us $36! That’s pretty difficult to justify, especially since we already paid $10 per kid over 1 and $20 per adult.

Crazy expensive drinks aside, this was a good time and I highly recommend it.