Review – Crystal Light Pure Fitness

I bought this stuff the other day when I noticed that it had no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. That part really impressed me because the artificial sweetener was the biggest reason why I never purchased Crystal Light. I digress. I got it in the strawberry kiwi flavor.

I just put the stuff in my bottle of water, put the cap back on and shook. It made the water an odd pink color, somewhat reminiscent of pink lemonade. I took off the cap and took a drink.

My first thought was Ewwww! How do people drink this stuff?? Well, that’s close to my first thought. My thought actually included an expletive or two.

Honestly. How do people drink this crap? It even has a weird, artificial taste. Bleech. If anyone wants the rest of the box, it’s up for grabs. Yuck.

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