Review – Censored 2010 (book)

I read – okay, skimmed and flipped through – Censored 2010: The Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008-2009 by Project Censored after its arrival in the mail a few days ago. I tried to read it in full, I really did.

I was just… unimpressed. I was expecting to read things that were going to make my jaw drop, my eyes bulge out of my skull… none of those things happened.

Honestly, most of the things told about in this book aren’t that hard to find if you look hard enough, some of them were just plain wrong, and I noticed right away the political slant that the book took. Now, I realize that most anything discussing politics is going to have some sort of slant, one way or another, but I like to know that going in. It annoys me greatly to discover after I’ve been reading for awhile that an author has an agenda. And, since I’m neither Democrat nor Republican, agendas annoy me a lot. I got to the point where I skimmed through the book because I really wasn’t enjoying it at all.

I would really not recommend this book. Although, if you’re a very left-leaning person who believes everything you read, I suppose that this book just might be right up your alley.