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Okay, for my frequent readers, I’m sure you’ll recall how I’ve been raving about cloth pads. Now granted, I won’t be needing them for the next several months but I still thought I’d share with you because, in my quest for cloth pads, I came across Naturally Hip on Etsy, run by Lindsay. 

I bought two heavy overnight (17-inch!!) pads and they are fabulous. I’ve purchased several pads from various places and, I gotta say, I like Lindsay’s the best. They are made very well. Lindsay’s idea of heavy overnight pads includes much more coverage than some others I have purchased and they will be perfect for me to use postpartum.  

If you’re looking to try cloth pads, check out her shop. Her pads are very well made and definitely worth buying.

She was also kind enough to answer some questions for us.

Q: Tell me a little about yourself, a bit of a bio, if you will. Anything you want my readers to know.

A: Hi!  I’m Lindsay, wife to a wonderful husband, and mom to two crazy kids ages 2 and 4.  We live in Ontario Canada.  I’m an Interior Designer by trade and have been sewing for 16 years on and off, making clothing, home décor stuff, baby items, etc.   I geek out over the show LOST (and am mourning the end) and am generally bad at talking about myself 🙂

Q: How long have you been making cloth pads? 
A: I’ve been making them for about 3-1/2 years.

Q: Why did you start making them?
A: I first came across cloth pads when I was shopping for cloth diapers for my daughter.  My first ones were made out of sheer curiosity.  I had lots of fabric and waterproof material on hand from making baby changing mats, and being a sewer (that is, a person who sews) I thought “I can do this!” so I drew up some patterns and gave it a shot.  The pads I make now have come a loooong way from that very first one, but I still have it in my drawer!  Anyway, after that I was totally hooked on making them for myself and after a few months – and much tweaking of patterns – I started offering them for sale.

Q: Can we get personal?   Of course 🙂
A: Do you use strictly cloth pads? Any disposables? 
As far as pads go, yes, I use only cloth.  The last time I used disposable pads was about 2 years ago, for a couple days postpartum, at which point I had a pretty crazy skin reaction (ha – how’s that for personal).  I’ll tell you – I was SO glad to have a drawer full of cloth pads.  In addition to the pads, I recently discovered the Diva Cup and am totally in love with it.  I now alternate between the cup and the pads.

Q: If you use cloth pads, what are your reason(s) for doing so?
A: For comfort, health, and to save on waste.  They are so much more comfortable than disposables, and as I mentioned it’s now a health issue (ouch) so there’s no chance I’ll be going back!  Waste-wise, it feels so much better to not fill the trashcan every month.  Thinking back to years ago when I first got my period, throwing away pads and tampons has always felt very wasteful, especially when they’re hardly used.  I love being able to just wash the pads and have them there waiting for next time, nice and soft, calling my name 🙂

Q: What sets your pads apart from others?
A: There are so many awesome padmakers out there!  I strive to make my pads stand out by making them as thin and absorbent as possible.  Each one has a beveled core, meaning the absorbent layers inside are graduated for a thinner and more comfortable pad.  They also have a layer of Procare inside, a waterproof fabric designed to withstand industrial washing routines.  I take comfort knowing that my pads can withstand machine washing and drying without damage to the waterproofing (I do take custom requests for non-waterproof pads as well).  I overlock the edges of each pad for a thin and discreet edge.  Oh, and I cut all fabrics square – along the grain – so the pads don’t end up wonky when they’re washed.  Yay!
My thanks to Lindsay for answering my questions and for making such a great product.
Please note: My review of Naturally Hip pads is of my own accord, I was not asked to do so. I purchased all items myself for review. I received no compensation (monetary or otherwise) from Naturally Hip. 

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  1. Lisa, thanks for reading. What I do is run them under cold water in the sink until the water runs clear – or at least not so red – sometimes actually wringing them out with my hands – granted, this works best at home – and then toss them into either the diaper bin (we use cloth diapers) or, if I'm out, a wetbag. It's really not that bad. I'm following you back, btw. 🙂

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