Review – After the Hangover by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.

After the Hangover: The Conservatives Road to Recovery was interesting and, sometimes, amusing. The author, R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. has been referred to as legendary by Hardball host Chris Matthews. He writes of the Liberals of today with much disdain, yet he points out the ridiculous inaccuracies in the Liberals theories that the conservative movement is dead.

The author does point out that the conservative party needs to advance, and lays the “how” out for them according to topic. Financial Reforms: budget reform, tax reform, the dollar, Social Security – here he suggests keeping Social Security as-is for those fifty-five and over while allowing the younger citizens the option of investing a third of theirs into personal retirement accounts; Health Care Reforms: Medicaid reform – he prefers using tax credits to enroll people in private insurance plans, Medicare reform – make a program for those under fifty-five as well as giving government payments toward the purchase of private insurance; Other Domestic Key Policies: education – the author believes that the arts should be reintroduced as well as civics courses, immigration – our borders must be secure and illegal immigrants must be punished for breaking our laws but he also believes that once the illegal immigrant has paid that price, they should be given the opportunity to become a citizen, judicial appointments, energy policy; National Defense: Homeland Security and personal freedoms, enhancing intelligence gathering and analysis, maintaining national defense.

Overall, an entertaining read.