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As many of you know, our little guys are intact. Jon and I had differing points of view on it, but he finally went with me on the decision. I’m very grateful to him for that.

In any event, I read a blog entry about a man who was circumcised, had an intact son, and proceeded to explain to his 10 year old son the differences between intact and circumcised penises. That’s all well and good but, how does your child get to be 10 years of age and not know that he has a foreskin?? If you have an uncirced child, you really need to be discussing the foreskin because, it’s my understanding, when the foreskin starts to retract, they need to clean their penis a little differently. Those of you with intact sons, feel free to help me out if I’m missing something on the care of an intact penis.

2 thoughts on “Regarding foreskins

  1. They likely taught him about cleaning it and such, but just didn't use the word "foreskin." Probably just something along the lines of "make sure you clean it well, including under here." Also, he mentions that they don't really do nudity around their kids, so he never knew or never noticed that dad was different. So I'm sure he knew he had a foreskin, he just didn't know that was the name for it, and didn't know that anybody DIDN'T have one. That's my guess anyway.And to be honest, I think the whole thing about needing to teach them explicitly about hygiene in that area is a bit overblown. My brothers are intact, and though it's never something I've discussed with them, knowing my parents I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't make a big deal about "teaching" to clean under the foreskin. After all, my parents never needed to teach me to clean within the folds of my labia. Even dirty kids tend to figure out that the places that get, shall we say "ripe", should probably be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. 🙂

  2. I agree with what the above person says. Sounds likely. But yes, you should teach hygeine I think. Just like you would a girl, lol, we clean our private parts! 🙂

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