Rainy, yucky Monday

It’s Monday. I’m still in that weird feeling a day ahead thing. All day long I keep thinking it’s Tuesday. My head has hurt most of the day. It’s rained pretty much the whole day. As much as I truly love rainy days, I hate them because they make my head hurt so bad.

Since Ceili Fey stayed at my mom’s house last night, I was minus one child to get ready this morning. That was nice because getting the little guys ready is hassle enough. I did miss her though. It was odd not having her here on a school day.

I went in to the office today. Elias went down for a nap almost immediately after we arrived. I’m not sure just how long he had been up but it was quite apparent he was past time for a nap. I put Noah down for nap at the same time. It works so much easier to have them on (somewhat) the same schedule.

For lunch, we all ran up to the Mexican restaurant that we frequent since we had nothing there at the office to eat. They love Elias there. Most everyone that works there stops by to say hello or rub his fuzzy little head. They nearly always take him back to the kitchen and let him watch them make the guacamole. He just eats all the attention (and the guacamole) right up.

Nothing terribly exciting happened today. We actually got some checks in today so that was nice. I don’t like being without money. It makes me very panicky. I’m sure it does everyone, though. We don’t have a lot right now, but it’s enough that I can at least breathe easier.

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