Playing trains

Funniest thing. After supper this evening, I watched Elias pick up the step-stool and place it in the front room where it had been a couple days ago. He came back into the family room, stood and looked at the trains that were on the floor before going back into the front room, picked up the step-stool once more, placed it on the kitchen floor and proceeded to run trains under it like a bridge.

Shortly after that, we moved the trains upstairs to the loft. It’s just too tempting to keep them downstairs where he can see them when he eats supper. For a few days now he has barely eaten because he can’t wait to get back to the trains.

Noah started cruising around the table. He actually let go at one point; Sadly I did not get it on camera.

Even Noah got to play trains.

Everyone played together very nicely.