Playing for the wrong team

Today was another t-ball practice. When we left the office, it was five and Jon still wasn’t back. I really didn’t want to have to take the little guys along – or at least not by myself – but I didn’t have much choice. We rolled through Hardee’s drive-through for supper and drove to the practice area. There were some people I didn’t recognize but I thought maybe the coach was sick and perhaps there were some new girls. Ceili Fey recognized some of the girls. I was relieved because that meant that she was not the oldest (and biggest) kid on the team. They all started throwing and catching. I thought it a bit odd that they got started so early but I figured, what the hell. She seemed to be doing pretty well until, that is, she got whacked with a ball. Once she recovered, she went back to participate again. I was relieved because, knowing her as I do, she’s a bit of a wuss really.

So, I pulled out the play-yard for Noah to sit and play in. Elias, well, he just does his own thing. He’s a hard guy to contain although, for the most part, he does a good job of staying where he is supposed to.

After Ceili Fey had been catching and throwing with the others for some time, I heard her name (Ceili) being called (by several voices) a little ways away. It was around that time that she came up to me and informed me that the rest of her teammates were over farther and that she was apparently playing with the wrong kids. Oops. So we moved everyone down the way. That was somewhat embarrassing.