Parenthood can suck it

Well, I’m now the world’s worst mom because I don’t buy mainstream hygiene products. I’m horrible because I buy uncool products that have ingredients I can actually pronounce. Hell, I even sell some so I’m sure that take my uncool factor into the negatives.

Yes, I’m an awful person for actually reading labels and not purchasing shampoos, soaps, lotions, and cosmetics that contain carcinogens or endocrine disrupters. Damn me to hell for caring.

It’s times like this I hate being a parent. Absolutely hate it.

One thought on “Parenthood can suck it

  1. This is how I feel sometimes about the food that I insist on buying. Or rather the food that I REFUSE to buy. You know, the kind filled with ingredients I can’t pronounce and has no nutritional food. It’s not just my kids, who are actually pretty good about it most of the time as I do allow the occasional junky snack food for their lunches. It’s my sister in law who has openly said “your aunt is all about everything healthy but I am about what is quick and easy!”

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