On days like this

It’s midnight as I write this. That means that, in several more hours, it’s four years to the moment our son, Elias, died.

Apparently Facebook saw fit to remind me and rub salt in that wound by showing me a “memory” in the form of a picture of him. It just popped up in my feed last night. No, lie, I truly do wish for a slow, painful demise for whatever genius decided it would be a great idea to force you to relive pain in the form of memories on Facebook.

But, this is the day, with or without Facebook. It’s always difficult. Doesn’t really get much easier. You just sort of look for ways to get through it. That’s all you can do.

I’m hoping to soften the blow just a bit this time because several months ago, I bought tickets to Disney on Ice for the family. I guess it’s my way of trying to not have the next several days really suck. After all, Ceili Fey has a birthday on the sixth and Calvin’s is on the seventh. The past few birthdays have kind of sucked for her, especially. Hopefully this will be a great memory for all of the kids.

Here’s to memories, past and future.

I love Deadpool

I’m going to let my geek flag fly for a moment so please forgive me.

2015-10-29 23.00.51

I was so excited for the start of the Deadpool movie. I convinced Jon to take me the first night it opened. He wasn’t exactly thrilled although I think Deadpool’s sense of humor won him over in the end.

It. Was. Great. Everything I’d hoped for and more.

Deadpool hero scumbag

Ceili Fey really wants to see Deadpool. Jon is vehemently “no” but I’m a little on the fence. Honestly, it was more the violence and gore than the sex and dirty jokes. After all, she’s frequently come home and asked me what something she heard at school means and it’s usually something I had no knowledge of at her age. No, for me, it’s truly the violence and gore. At least at her age. We – and by “we” I mean, we as a family – don’t watch movies that have violence and gore in them. Hell, it’s only been the last couple months that we allowed our oldest to watch a horror movie (Stephen King’s It, in case you were wondering) so I’m just not sure I’m ready to make her ready for such a thing. Maybe I’ll change my mind in several months, who knows?

2016-02-17 04.21.26

Much to her dismay, she won’t be seeing it in theater. Frankly, none of the others will be viewing until they’re at least 13. It’s just not for kids. Yes, I know that it’s a personal parental decision, blah blah blah, whatever. I absolutely maintain my stance.

2016-02-08 19.19.16

In case you’re not sure, here’s a great article pointing out reasons why it’s not a good idea to take your kids to see Deadpool. Also, it seems that Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) himself doesn’t want kids going.


But, hey, what does he know? 😉

2016-02-08 19.19.44