Our 3rd Anniversary

Yesterday was Jon and my third anniversary. We arranged (ahead of time) for a babysitter and we got reservations at The Melting Pot.
When I went to get in the car, Jon had roses and a card waiting on the seat for me.
When we got to our table at the restaraunt, there were some more roses waiting in a vase. Shortly after we got there, a waitress brought us a very neat paper that included various things that have happened on our anniversary, celebrities born, headlines, etc. It was very nice.
We had a great meal, everything was so very yummy, as always.
We started out with the Feng Shui Cheese Fondue and bread, apple, and veggies to dip.
Next came the lettuce wraps which included cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, almonds, and a mandarin orange-ginger dressing. Jon ordered us some wine, a Riesling.
The entree was lobster tail, sesame crusted teriyaki salmon, citrus infused pork tenderloin, Ahi tuna, garlic chili chicken breast, kiwi lime shrimp, spring vegetable dumplings, and the usual mix of mushroom caps, potatoes and broccoli.
Last, but definitely not least, their Passion Fruit Yin & Yang Fondue which was a dark chocolate and passion fruit infused white chocolate swirled together. As always, very tasty.
A very good night.

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