Orange kitten

After my last entry, I phoned our midwife who dropped everything to come see me in person! I was really shocked at that and a little embarrassed as well. I had no intention for her to drop everything like that. She stuck around until Jon got back to the office and explained to him that for the next two weeks that it will take for my meds to kick in, I will need some help. She told him that this in between time makes me a prime candidate for suicide or harming others. I honestly don’t think either is a concern, especially not suicide. I could not do that to my kids, especially my oldest, who would remember vividly. No matter how bad I feel as a parent, no matter how badly I screw up along the way, killing myself would officially make me the Worst. Parent. Ever.

The midwife and I were awaiting Jon’s arrival back to the office only to have him arrive holding an orange kitten.

This kitten

Imagine how shocked I was to see Jon holding a kitten! He jokingly referred to the kitten as his payment for the job he just completed. Now, this is the same guy who contemplates ways to off the current two cats we have, yet here he was with this tiny little thing.

We haven’t come up with a name yet. Jon thought it was a girl but when I just looked a minute ago, I’m not so sure. Jon has suggested calling him/her Taffy because of the swirls on his/her side that remind him of some caramel swirl taffy candies.

See the swirl? The other side looks the same.

Anyway, I’ve been really shocked at this today. Jon seems to have really taken to her, and she him.

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