One sucky birthday

My birthday yesterday started off like any other day. Nothing remarkable in the morning.

At around 10 or so, Ceili Fey mentioned to me that Oma (my mother) was coming over after breakfast. I was a little confused and thought she must have misunderstood since nothing was said to me about it. I phoned my mother to see. Yes, she had told Ceili Fey she would be coming over. I then asked if she would mind stopping at Hardee’s and getting us some lunch. She agreed.

When my mother arrived, she had with her a quarter sheet cake and some roses. I was surprised.

After lunch, and cake, I put the little guys down for a nap and told Ceili Fey to go and have some quiet time as well. My mother and I just sat and talked and had a nice visit.

Fast forward to shortly before supper. Jon phoned and asked what I wanted to do for supper, if I wanted to go out or stay home. I opted for staying home. He said that he would run to the corner store and get a couple of things and for me to go ahead and put supper in the oven.

Jon came in with a card from him and one from the kids – he had Ceili Fey sign it when he arrived – and shortly after that, he starting yelling about my mother. At this point, I was completely confused. When I went to see what the problem was, he showed me that he had brought a cake home for me.

To me, I thought it was just really cool that they had both suprised me with cake. I love cake! But no, you would have thought that my mother delibrately got a cake to somehow interfere with his plans. *sigh* To make a long story short, it pretty much sucked all of the fun out of what had been a pretty nice day. After the kids went to bed, I was just so drained that I ended up taking a bubble bath, reading a bit, and then going to bed. I just wanted the day to be over.

I get that he was pissed of because he feels that my mom meddles. I get that he wanted to be involved in any kind of birthday celebration with me. I do get that! I just wish he wouldn’t have shit all over my day like that.

4 thoughts on “One sucky birthday”

  1. I say "MEH" not to you, and not to your blog, but to Jon. I wish he were nicer to you; you also forgot the most important part. I sent you a happy birthday facebook thing at midnight. Which makes me infinitely superior to everyone. Love you. -C

  2. I'm sorry that happened. I've had some birthdays ruined too b/c of…things. Sometimes people think your birthday is the time to make a statement or something. NOT THE TIME!

  3. Everyonesacrowd: Jon is nice to me. I think sometimes I only just say the negatives. I need to try to start posting the positives. And, yes, thank you for the birthday wish!! Love you too!!

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