I have some conflicts regarding CIO (Crying It Out). On the one hand, I know that it’s bad. I know that, when left alone to cry, a baby’s cortisol (stress hormone) increases, as well as the obvious about it just seeming quite cruel.

The biggest issue I have is that, from time to time, I will put Henry down in the bassinet to take a nap. Usually when I just really want a break – Henry doesn’t take naps like normal babies do, rather, he cat naps or will only sleep if he’s being held or in the swing or the car which makes things very difficult with three other kids very constantly needing something.

He will sometimes cry for a couple of minutes after he’s put down. If he cries any longer than a couple minutes, I feel horrible and go get him. But, in some cases, it’s as though he’s fighting sleep and, if left alone, loses. He generally wakes up happy and smiling ready to play. I don’t feel as though I’m doing anything wrong until I read from other mothers how horrible CIO is. I’m sure others would disagree but I don’t actually feel as though I’m doing a true CIO as I only let him go for a couple of minutes as a general rule.

What’s your take on things? Do you put your baby in a crib or bassinet to nap? How well does this work? Does your baby cry when put down? How do you handle it?

One thought on “On CIO”

  1. Crying is the only way babies have of relieving stress. I wouldn't leave a baby crying for hours but 20 or less seems to be what they need to get the stress out, calm themselves and sleep. But the ultimate truth is you are the mom. If it feels horrible to you maybe you should try something different. Classical music in the room etc. Everyone has an opinion but you are the authority cause you are the MOM. Hang in there kiddo. We have all felt this way you are not alone. 🙂 RealArmyofMoms.com

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