Obamacare bites

Well, this is awesome. Our current (shitty) company health insurance plan  with Medical Mutual is $1,727 a month with a $2,500 single/$7,500 family deductible. We pay 40 or 50% of that, the employee pays the remainder. Just got our quotes in from Anthem. The cheapest one has a $5,000 single/$10,000 family deductible to the tune of $2,192.98. That’s $466.98 more a month than we’re paying right now!!

There are other Anthem options with $2,500 single/$7,500 family deductibles, but those are $2,635.96 and $3,092.73. Oh. Let’s not forget United Healthcare – they came in at a whopping $4,150.06.

There’s no freaking way we can do this. So, congratulations! We’re no longer able to provide insurance for our employees. I suspect that the rates at the exchanges are going to be similar. If that’s the case, whoopee! we can no longer afford insurance for ourselves.

So, I guess sign us up for the penalties then.

2 thoughts on “Obamacare bites”

  1. We are looking at the probability of being priced right out of healthcare because of Obamacare too. We’ve had insurance for years but we are self employed and in the last 3 years rates have more than doubled. Now we are being told to expect them to have an even bigger increase next year 🙁 So frustrating.

    1. I feel for you. This is all just a horrible mess. No one bothered to ask citizens about this when they were enacting it. No one visited small businesses and spoke with them to see how they would be affected. No, by all appearances this was written by and for the insurance companies to protect their interests as well as being the biggest Ponzi scheme ever – the government is actually relying on the young and healthy to sign up and essentially pay for the elderly and the poor.

      Unless something changes dramatically, I expect we’ll “opt out” of this mess. At this point, I refuse to even sign up and give them all of my personal info to do god-knows-what with – their privacy rules are a joke – and plan on either paying the penalty at tax time, or making darn sure that we break even or owe a little to avoid it.

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