Noah’s new underwear

Yesterday was kid’s eat free night at Chili’s – apparently it’s every Tuesday – so we took the kids to supper. It was definitely the cheapest we’ve eaten out as a family in a looonng time.

Afterward, Ceili Fey and I had to grab a couple of things at Target. While Ceili Fey was shopping for some new underwear – it seems she’s once again outgrowing things – Noah happened to see some Dora underwear. He immediately grabbed them and told me that he wanted them. I explained that, if he wore them, he couldn’t go potty in the underwear, that he would have to actually go to the potty. He agreed.

He proceeded to carry them through the store.

On the way home he was discussing the other underwear he wanted to get: Thomas, Mickey Mouse…. We told him that if he did a good job with the Dora underwear, we’d get him more – any kind of underwear he wanted.

He was so happy about his purchase and so excited to wear them. Even though it was bedtime once we arrived at home, I agreed to let him wear a pair for a few minutes.

Who knows? Maybe this will be the thing that works.