No longer a fan of CVS

Got a call at lunch today. It seems that CVS made a rather egregious error when they gave us a much-too-strong dose of Predinose for Henry. WTF?? How does such an error even get made?? You don’t screw around with steroids – and ESPECIALLY for babies!! Now he has to be on it for an extra four days so they can step his dosage down.

The pharmacy misplacing a prescription – yup, they’ve done that – or just plain not filling one (insert-stupid-reason-here) – yup, they’ve done that, too – or not charging meds to our insurance – yup, that, too – are apparently just many signs that something is really broken! The irksome part? I have been getting prescriptions filled with CVS for years and I have NEVER had the issues at other CVS pharmacies that I have had with the one here.

Look, there is a massive difference between simple human error and carelessness. This is really the final straw for me. I’m opting for a different pharmacy.