Natural deodorants

In an attempt to reduce some of the unnecessary chemicals in my life, I’ve stopped using antiperspirants and have gone strictly to all-natural deodorants.

Something that you may not know about all-natural deodorants is that, in order for them to work effectively, you must apply them immediately after drying your armpits.

One of the first ones I tried was Green Body Basics. Green Body Basics
I tried both the “Classic” and the “Sensual” scents. I was incredibly impressed with how well they worked. The problem? I had an allergic reaction which caused my armpits to become a very angry shade of red as well as becoming incredibly sore – I could barely stand to even dry my armpits after showering. I would later learn that I am allergic to baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) which is a key ingredient in this one.

I also tried Verefina.
Verefina Deodorant
I loved the citrus smell of it and it did a decent job. After I healed up from the reaction to the Green Body Basics, I tried this one only to have another reaction. Luckily, someone pointed out that it was most likely the baking soda that was giving me issues.

Next I moved on to Lafes.
Lafes Deodorant
I honestly didn’t care much for the smell. It wasn’t really scented, at least not intentionally, but I just didn’t care for it. So much so that I didn’t really give it a lot of a chance to know if it worked or not.

Lastly, I tried Pit Putty.
Pit Putty deodorant
It has a pleasant smell and it does work – but you cannot delay application once you’ve dried. The only downfall that I can find with this is that it does not last quite as long as I’d like it to. I’ve found that trying to reapply it later doesn’t quite work.

My deodorant search is turning out to be lengthy and frustrating, although I haven’t given up yet. My search continues and I will keep you posted.

6 thoughts on “Natural deodorants”

  1. So sorry you are allergic to baking soda. :(. I am the WAHM behind GREENBODY. I am currently developing a baking soda free spray! Keep your eyes peeled and follow up on facebook to keep in touch. I would love to have you test out the new formulation.

    Have a beautiful day.

    1. I would love to test the new formula! For those 3-4 days before my reaction I didn’t smell at all.

      My husband wanted me to add that he’d be ever so grateful to you!

      1. Fabulous! I appreciate such honest feedback and I am excited that our new spray formula will help you and others who suffer from an allergy to the baking soda in our stick formulation.

  2. You have to try Every Man Jack deoderant. I have tried every natural deoderant under the sun (even tried making my own) and none of them worked. Every Man Jack has worked like a charm!

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